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Waterfront Protection Ordinance Information  (aka the destruction of the working waterfront)  Vote NO on the WPO in November!!!! We as a club strongly suggest you to reach out to your fellow South Portland Residents and help educate them on the negative impact this ordinance has on the entire state of Maine and not just South Portland.  If this passes as written hundreds will be without jobs and thousands will end up paying the price for the shutdown of the waterfront as we know it today.  Not to mention the tax increase on each and everyone of the South Portland residents will be facing.  The end result will be huge increase in taxes, fuel prices, road maintenance costs, cut backs on the first defenders of your towns and more. You can read the ordinance by clicking here and you will see highlighted areas that greatly impact the local companies and terminals. more info can be found here:  


Portland Propeller Club's very own Capt Bill Van Voorhis receiving his very derserved award.  He was recognized at the National level for his outstanding efforts in his role as VP of Student ports.  Capt Bill had 24 students at this years convention held in New Orleans October 2012 and each one took back with them the understanding of what it means to be part of such a great organization.  Bill visits maritime schools all over the US and brings the club to them with all the networking information for them to excel in thier career after graduation.   I will say i was honored to be sitting at his table with him this past week. The Portland club was in New Orleans represented by Capt Sandy Dunbar, Capt Bill Van Voorhis and Sean Petty.  Bill receiving his award and Sandy and Bill both swarn into his newest position on the officers seat at the national level. good times and great company.  Well done by both. Congratulations!

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